Trellis Wine & Spirits

Quench Your Thirst for Authenticity

At Trellis, we are here to help guide and grow artisan wineries, distilleries, and zero proof producers within the national & key on premise accounts channel. Our customers include restaurant and hotel groups, entertainment venues, & managed services. 

We invite our hospitality friends to take a dive into our group of partners and witness the quality and dedication represented in our portfolio. We are the face of producers steeped in history. The founding of Rioja wine. The first ever Amaro. Champagne's AOC classification. The creation of Rhum Agricole. The Taste of Paris. America's oldest native distilled spirit. Napa's First Bordeaux blend. Ancient Sherry & Port houses. The first ever certified Organic vodka & tequila. The list truly goes on and on. We help keep family companies independent, relevant, & competitive amid the big brands. 

We rest our hard-earned reputation on the ability of our independent partners to exceed your expectations while delighting your guests with something authentic & new.

Amaro Ramazzotti Bella La Vita